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March 17, 2008

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Faces of a champion

What does it take to win a national title? We asked ...

Ben Coffin, Williams

Ben CoffinThen: Forward, Williams 2003 national championship team. Named Most Outstanding Player, 2003 NCAA Tournament

Now: A brokerage assistant with Meredith and Grew, in Boston.

To win a national championship, you need ...


"To win a Division III basketball championship, you need trust.  Teammates must be able trust each other in times of adversity.  Players must have a trust in their coach and his system just as the coach must trust his players to execute.  Trust must be earned through hard work, practice and an unwavering commitment to each other.  It is not something that is achieved easily or quickly, it has to be earned.  I feel it is the most important ingredient in a championship team.  We used to say 15 players, three coaches and one trainer acting as one."

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