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March 17, 2008

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Faces of a champion

What does it take to win a national title? We asked ...

Mike Rhoades, Lebanon Valley

Mike RhoadesThen: All-American forward, Lebanon Valley, 1994 national championship team.
Most Outstanding Player, 1994 NCAA Tournament

Now: Completed ninth season as men’s basketball coach, Randolph-Macon

To win a national championship, you need ...

A lot of everything

“…a lot of everything … Players making plays, the ball to bounce your way, a player or two to play above their stat line, some luck and some great seeding.  I tend to think teams that are playing great half court offense and can defend in the half court give themselves a great chance in March.  Most games in the tournament seem to come down to halfcourt possessions no matter what style one plays throughout the year.  To be in a position to win a championship is an honor and to find a way to win one is a combination of many things that go your way.”

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